Trip #02 – Taipei – Keelung (1/2)


Start: 12:00 / Arrival: 18:00
Distance: 61km / Gained height 440 hm

Got breakfast around the corner and while eating it in the park, some elderly man approached me. Had quite some nice talk with him, he spoke a little bit of German, English and Japanese – and this with the age of 86. He was so cute, asked me about Marx, we talked about Japanese music…what a nice fellow.

Afterwards I started from home, cycling along the Keelung River to, well…Keelung. This bicycle path is also stunning and a joy to ride, as it is almost completely car free – with nice things to see.

On the way, while having a break, some other western cyclist approached me. It was a french randonneur – living for quite some time in south eastern Asia. Had some interesting exchange on our views on cycling, old bicycles (he was riding a Japanese built 1973 Raleigh) and where to cycle in the region. Thanks for that nice talk!

Then i quickly passed through Keelung and made a mini trip to Chaojing Park. Unfortunately a little bit misty, but at least the sun wasn’t burning that hot anymore. Had some beautiful views on the pacific and went back to Keelung to check in.

While doing this…at the reception:

Receptionist: Is it only you?

Me: Well, yes…me and my bicycle…

Receptionist: Of course, I see that. Let me give you a 4 bed room instead of the 2 bed you booked – so you got much of space for your bicycle…

Me: 🙂

Taiwanese hotels are so nice…

After taking a shower went to the highly recommended night market, had some mussels soup, walked around to the pier and went back to the night market for some late nite snack with sort of Oden with loads of tofu.

Had some beer afterwards and while walking around just noticed, how many homeless people there are in Keelung :-/….

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