Trip #5 – Jingmei River in the rain


Start: 15:45 / Arrival: 19:00
Distance: 55km / Gained height 400 hm

Strange start for a day. Had some neck pain, weather was not constant with a high possibility of rain. So with the first rain starting, I decided to skip todays cycling trip and go for a massage instead.

Went to a very nice salon around the corner and had a fantastic massage for 30 min (for around 15€…). “Master #5” did a perfect job and my neck pain was gone, me feeling really good again.

Rain was still there, but now I thought I shouldn’t mind it.

So started in the afternoon to ride in the constant rain along Jingmei River. And that was a good decision. Beautiful ride along the river(s), almost no cars along the whole trip and that dark green of the nature with the clouds hanging above them.

Took the climb over the hill back to Taipei at Shenkeng – rain doesn’t mean being it cold here, so quite sweaty…but the view was worth it.

Arrived totally wet in the evening back in Taipei, but felt wonderful.

(had some nice food afterwards and went to a party later, oh dear…what a change for what I had thought the day would be like)

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