Trip #06 – Daxi Old Street


Start: 14:00 / Arrival: 20:00
Distance: 81km / Gained height 370 hm

Started a little bit late in the strong heat. Was a little bit cloudy, but still stable and nevertheless hot. I had underestimated the heat and needed to buy some sunscreen after 20km – expensive, from Japan…and it included some skin coloring – leaving me a little bit…looking…weird 😉

Cycling infrastructure great and excellent as usual, but along the the river not to diverse. Was quite happy to reach a dam(?) where the Dahan River gets a little bit wider. Sooo beautiful. After that, there was some amazing ride through some rural area with rice fields.

Getting over to Daxi Old Street I then had to some simple (looked very poor) areas on the northern side of the river. The ride across the bridge was also a highlight.

Daxi Old Street is then, well…an old street. Quite nice, but also touristic. Anyway had some fun walking up and down, looking down on the river – and having some amazing dumplings.

Ride back home was also nice in the sunset, with the rice paddies being the highlight.

The path along the river often leads along small ramps down and up again. On one, some not so attentive dad almost crushed into me while I was trying to overtake him the ramp up. Grrrr.

Finally reached Taipei back again, quite exhausted, but yet happy from the heat.

What a nice trip!


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