Day 26 – Transfer to Keelung and exploring the city


Some 10kms

This was a rather functional start of the day. Got early to the station to take the train to Keelung. Took quite some time (3.5hrs), but luckily didn’t had to change the train. Also this was quite cheap for such a long train ride, costs were about 850NTD for 2 people and their bikes.

Arrived at 13:40 in Keelung, used the time before checkin to explore the container terminal. Also passed some military buildings – kawaii as usual, with “i love navy” writings on the wall.

Then went back into town, checked in and went to the now opening night market. Had an incredible thick crab soup there, visited some temple with a very entertaining hand puppet show and chilled shortly at the pier with some fried crabs.

After this we went into the old market…wow! Some place where no tourists can be found. Wild combination of good looking sashimi restaurants, pedicures and cheap souvenirs shops.

Then went back to night market to get some additional food (sea snails, sesame balls and mango ice) and back to the pier again with its incredible jumping fishes.

Then went tired and full back to the hotel…

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